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Forms Factory framework

Neurodot Consulting team proudly presents flexible solution for electronic forms on web.

The goal of this framework is to provide support for effective design and publishing of electronic versions of forms of any kind. The e-Forms will be displayed in an internet browsers using the HTML v5 standards, while UI part is created in the WPF based Designer application by drag and dropping user controls and code-behind the form coded in C#.

The e-Forms solution brings the ability to fulfill those requirements and it supports the e-Forms live cycle through:

  • Designing the form in e-Forms designer. After the design the form template is published from designer into the central e-Forms server.
  • Hosting created e-Forms templates on e-Forms server.
  • Template is on the client side used by e-Forms Renderer which is hosted on defined web site.


The e-Forms Designer provides a user-friendly way to create and edit forms for the eForms system. It allows to creationg and editing:

  • The visual aspect of forms – design.
  • Functional aspect of forms – code in C#.
  • A XML schema that stores result form data – instance data

The  design of the form is based on  usage of  a set of generic controls and a set of data-bound controls.


The e-Forms Server in cooperation with Microsoft SQL Server hosts the central repository of published e-Forms templates. Through web services or REST and through integration .NET assemblies it allows communication with e-Forms Renderer, e-Forms Designer and with portals that are responsible for hosting e-Form Renderer and which are responsible for showing list of templates.


The e-Form Renderer is responsible for displaying selected e-Form template. It is based on HTML 5 technology and the component of the e-Form Renderer is placed into required HTML web page. The integration between the web page and the renderer is achieved through JavaScript, defined renderer interface and through REST calls.