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Find page by Control ID

Required Hub version & renderer version

It is possible to find controls of the form and get Its data by API function GetControlsInfo and use that data as "Bookmark" on the page, to navigate there instantly.


GetControlsInfo(cSLRenderObjectId, nameFilter, successHandler)

cSLRenderObjectId Canvas ID
nameFilter Regex that will match controls of the form
successHandler function that will handle the result


The result of this function for successHandler is JSON with the structure:


//GetControlsInfo(cSLRenderObjectId, nameFilter, successHandler)
GetControlsInfo('formHolder', 'mtb5_B1_11_name', doSomeStuff);

//do something with found controls
const doSomeSTuff = function (data) {
   //set page number of the first found control into variable
   const pageIndex = data.Items[0].PageIndex;

  //TODO: use OpenFormTemplateOnPage to open form on this page