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How to fix / start e-Forms designer.

This document describes how to fix the problem with e-Forms designer downloaded from support page or received by email and whitch atter startup displayed error message and can not run.


  • The first time you start the application, this warning appears:

  • If the steps below do not take place the following error may be reported when the application is started:

  1. Close all running eForms designer application !

  2. Open the %systemdrive%:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Neurodot Consulting Ltd\e-Forms Designer\Plugins directory and select the file Neurodot.Forms.CustomControls.RadioGroup.dll:

  3. Right click or open context menu and click the PROPERTIES:

  4. Click the UNBLOCK button on GENERAL tab:

  5. Close the PROPERTIES window – click OK button.
  6. Run the e-Forms Designer application.


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