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User controls

Control Events in HTML5 Renderer

This article contains the list of all user controls' events in the e-Forms system supported by the HTML5 renderer.


This user control represents a graphical element of the rectangle. Rectangle is defined in the Designer by its width, height, stroke thickness, color and fill. ...

Text Box

This control allows the user to enter a text values to forms. TextBox control can be used to display read-only copyable text or it can be used by users to input a text. The input can be a single line or an unlimited number of lines of text, depending on the setting of the control‘s properties. ...

Masked Text Box

This control uses a mask to distinguish between proper and improper user input. For example: to force a user to fill out a date (e.g. a date of birth) in the masked text box a setting the property Mask to value of “90/90/0000” provides a text template for the user to type. Actual date value however should be validated by setting a regular expression validation.   Mask ...